Ladela Participating in Uppified League Intramurals Pilot

Uppified League  launches its Pilot Phase Intramurals with the young athletes of Ladela Secondary Schools, Abuja. The first session with this team was alive with energy and passion for the game. With the school team now split into two subteams (the Blue team and the Red team), set to face each other off in an intra school tournament to determine who will make the cut for the Elite team, the young athletes are primed and ready. Their goal? To be at their very best when they face off their opponents from a counterpart school. These training sessions are crucial to their success, and they are well aware of it. Uppfied league expects nothing but the best from them, as we prepare to ensure that their performance is a memorable one for them.

The Gameplay Production Crew

Alongside the sports trainings, the students are also learning the art of Sports Production under the Uppified League Production Unit. The goal is to empower the student production crew unit with the skills and capacity to produce live sports events among other things. Their trainings have been brilliant and full of energy. The aim of Uppified League does not just end at the game of soccer itself and it extends to the professional acquisition for the students that will empower them towards employability and  entrepreneurship at the end of the high school experience.

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