Glisten Academy joins Uppified League Intramurals Pilot

Glisten Academy Secondary School has joined the Uppified League Intramurals Pilot. They are set to face off Ladela Secondary Schools after weeks of intramurals and trainings. The Production Unit of the Uppified league set to showcase the brilliant work and effort put in by the students in mastering the Sports Production craft. Expectations are high on every side. Our focus at Uppfied League to bring opportunities and exposure to these young talents while creating the perfect space for them to immerse themselves in their passion and love of soccer.

Glisten Academy Secondary Schools which will be graciously playing host at the grand finale has remarked the unprecedented level of enthusiasm and engagement they have witnessed from them the student who ate signed and up and registered for the Uppified League Intramurals Pilot. We at Uppified are very  determined to match their energy and commitment in every way we can, as we prepare to announce these talented youngsters to the world.

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