A World-Class Extracurricular

A comprehensive development program for Athletic and Production talent

Soccer Intramural

Produces an elite team to represent your school

Live Production

Introduces your students to Sports Production Journalism

Youth Leadership

Prepares next gen leaders
Designed for Champions


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How it Works

The Uppified League Program consists of two core tracks and a complimentary youth leadership track

  • The Athletic Track – focuses on player development.
  • The Production Track – focuses on Sports Production.
  • The Leadership Track – develops next-gen leaders

The Uppified League Organization will run two seasons of Uppified League Championships in a given year during the first and third terms of the school year.

Participating schools will run Intramural consisting of a minimum of two teams, which could be named from the following conventions:

  • Blue Team (BT)
  • Red Team (RT)
  • Green Team (GT)
  • Yellow Team (YT)

The Production Crew of each school is required to produce all the games of its Intramural program.

From the Intramural best-performing team, each school will create their Elite Team (ET). The Elite Team from each school will compete annually in the Uppified League Championship.

What's included

  • Intellectual Property
    • Elite Team Logo and Brand Design
    • Elite Team Uniform Design and Production
    • Intellectual Property Management and Licensing
  • Curriculum
    • Certification of Athletic Directors
    • Live Production Training and Coaching Courses
    • Youth Leadership
  • League Platform Administration
    • Online registration of students into the League
    • Profile and Stats Page for School’s Intramural
    • Live Streaming Portal and VOD
  • Equipment & Network
    • 3 camera live production kit with scoring software
    • Production Crew On-field Network and Intercom
    • 4G LTE Network

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